Over the years, I’ve told myself a lot of things. People have told me lots of things, too. But I’ve told myself a lot more than I thought. Some of it is positive. Some, unfortunately, is not so.

One thing I have told myself, in more ways than one, is that I’ll never actually finish what I start. If you want to know the truth about me, I’m simply a frustrated perfectionist. I’m addicted to small things that don’t matter, which often leads to disappointment and sort of an egocentric way of living. I am really good at starting something. I enjoy meeting with people, sharing ideas, dreaming big and entering the initial planning stages of said project. I also like to see it take off.

But I’m really not good at landing. Maybe this is why social media (read: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is so addicting. Every post is a start to something, but there’s never an end…

just pregnant pauses and an endless news feed. Maybe the landing is the scary part. Maybe it’s not knowing what comes after the landing. Maybe my purpose wasn’t in the landing or the taking off, but the trip between the 2 events.

Either way, this is me starting something again with no ending. I hope you don’t mind.

What’s something that you have told yourself you would never do? Let me know in the comments.